Traditional Indian Tandoor


The heart of Indian Cooking
Tandoor – known to the western world as ‘Tandoori Oven’ is a Curved Cylindrical Pot made of different kinds of clay or ceramics. Used from centuries in India the New Modern Tandoor oven is now used the world over.
Traditionally run on Wood and Charcoal this wonderful concept of Live Fire Cooking Equipment now uses Charcoal, Gas or Electricity to cook food known the world over as ‘Tandoori Food’
With heat as high as 450 degree Celsius or 900 degree Fahrenheit combined with the Convection, Convention and Radiant heat transfer the food is cooked very fast thus locking juices inside and giving cooked moist food that tingles ones taste buds. The walls of the tandoor absorb a lot of heat and result in giving flat breads the flavor one never misses – the shape of the tandoor pot ensures that the heat is trapped and circulated in a manner that the food on the skewer is heated from all sides including from the inside by the hot skewer – so the food not only cooks from outside but also from inside resulting in a beautiful experience.
Redefining Tandoori Ovens
Keeping the centuries old tradition and using artisans that for generations have been crafting the clay pot to perfection combined with the latest technology for fabrication of sheet metal using state of the art CNC machines along with certifications from the stringiest authorities for Sanitation and Gas Safety complete with an approved calibration and testing lab.
Each piece is individually made for the destination, a product going to North America shall be very different from the one going to Seychelles’ Islands since both have different climatic conditions with different gas properties.
Every individual tandoor is marked with a Serial Number and all gas units are tested and calibrated to the requirement of the particular certifying process and/or buyer requirement.
The authentic tandoori oven shall ensure that your customers taste buds shall feel the difference……

NRA SHOW 2013, Chicago, USA

Tandoori Tikka from Golden Tandoor
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