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Tandoori Oven Buyers and Users keep sending us requests for the right tandoor for their use. With decades of experience in this industry, supplies to the world market and feedback from Professional, Catering and Home users we were able to compile this Suggestion Chart naming it as


Tandoor Advisor


Professional Expert or New to Tandoori Cooking this Tandoori Advisor should be able to guide and make a suggestion for your need and help you in solving the biggest question while ordering a tandoor ‘ Is this size of tandoor good for my requirement’


Tandoori cooking is a very fast mode of cooking – rather faster than microwave cooking vis a vis size of portions being cooked.

When buying a tandoor it can be classified into 2 major categories.
1. Number of Persons to cater to &
2. Pupose
  • Professional Restaurant & Banquets & Takeaways
  • Catering | Party at home
  • Home Cooking in a tandoor oven

Professional Restaurants & Takeaways

1. 120 Plus Seats
2. 80 Plus Seats
3. 60 Plus Seats
4. 40 Plus Seats
Twin units of tandoor are preferred for several reasons.
  1. You can divide the load of skewers and breads thus maintaining different heat settings.
  2. They can be used individually as per load requirement thus saving you fuel when load is low and helping in output with a sudden rush.
  3. 2 Smaller Units will any day perform better than a larger one as the volume coverage is much more in individual pieces
Sizes larger than 120 plus seats and customized sizes are available. We do large tandoor sizes upto 46 inch width with an 21 inch mouth for large meats and special breads, these tandoors are called ‘Raan Tandoor’ and are designed to do Whole Meats and Too Many Skewers at one go. Write to us and we shall send you PDF file with specifications for Raan Tandoors. Since they are meant for specialty restaurants and catering they have not been put in the Tandoori Advisor page to avoid confusion to the general user/buyer.

Catering | Party | Family Get Together

1. Professional Catering for weddings and large parties
2. Small Catering, Backup, Family get together

Home Cooking

1. 1 to 5 people
2. 1 to 20 people
3. 1 to 30 people
4. 1 to 40 People
5. 1 to 50 People
6. 1 to 60 people
While making the recommendation we take general figures based on experience. The actual requirement based on limitations and need of a particular user shall change the requirement of a particular model.

The following have been considered but not limited to when recommending the tandoors for number of covers (seats) in a restaurant:

  • Expertise of the Chef – An experienced chef shall churn out more naan breads from a given tandoor than a Novice.
  • Cuisine – Multi Cuisine eateries shall require a smaller tandoor vis a vis a dedicated restaurant serving only authentic tandoori cuisine.
  • Lunch or Dinner or Both
  • Restaurant with or without takeaway – a Restaurant with a takeaway shall need a larger or more number of tandoors vis a vis an eatery with the same covers and no takeaway or to go option.
  • Live cooking or half done re-heating – some restaurants | banquets cook the basic food in non dining timings and cook finally when required only doing live breads. This too affects the number of tandoor requirement and size. A live restaurant will use more tandoor ovens than the one doing half done food and re-heating at the time of serving.

A lot of things were considered when making the chart for the recommendation of tandoor sizes, a lot of customer calls and sales over the last 2 decades were considered too. There are so many examples to the situation. People calling and requiring a 36inch tandoor oven for a 20 people restaurant. NOTE: It is not the outer size but the volume inside the pot that plays the role. A 40 Inch (100cm) body on the outside might not necessarily have a larger pot than a 32inch (80cm) tandoor oven made by Golden Tandoors.

The above is a chart that suggests, the chart is in no manner limited to the choice of an individual buyer / customer.
Copyright symbol – Copyright Golden Tandoors – The contents cannot be replicated or reproduced in similar manner or context without the prior written approval.

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