Golden Tandoors warehouses in UK, INDIA and USA

Why Golden Tandoors?mmmm

Golden Tandoors is a professionally managed company with works, offices and warehouses in UK, INDIA and USA. The logistics department is manned by a knowledgeable team of experts who are well conversant with the international and local shipping and quarantine laws, ensuring quick, timely and hassle free deliveries.
Small scale operations in the unorganized sector. Do not have the knowledge of international trade procedures and laws. Shipments generally get delayed or stuck at ports due to incomplete custom procedures.
Centuries old secret clay preparation and moulding techniques, passed down generations, are used by families of artisans to make the clay pots with hands. These are scientifically insulated to ensure minimum heat loss and given highly finished steel bodies, made in a state of the art manufacturing facility with CNC machines, ensuring consistent high quality.
Made by unskilled labour in small fabrication units without modern equipment, resulting in a badly finished product that varies drastically from the specifications.
ANSI/FDA (USA and CANADA) approved clay used for making the pots.
Unhygienic clay from questionable environments is used resulting in potential sanitation issues due to clay contaminants.
Very Thick Clay Pots ensure a longer life and even heat distribution. Our Clay tandoor ovens are the heaviest in the world.
Thinner fragile pots are used to cut production and transportation costs. They develop cracks during delivery or very early in usage. Also the thin walls do not retain and distribute the heat evenly thus consuming more gas / charcoal and cooking the food unevenly.
The traditional clay preparation techniques used by us gives the food the most authentic flavour – the tandoori taste as it was meant to be
The cement pots used by the competition are mass produce able at lower cost but they can never add that typical flavor of the traditional Indian tandoori food.
Our Tandoors are NSF/ANSI-4 Certified for SANITATION. You can be rest assured that food cooked in our tandoors would meet the test of any hygiene standard in the world. You get a cleaner kitchen and your customers are served safe food.
Most of the competition is not aware of the norms therefore follows no sanitation standards. By using products not designed for sanitation you are exposing your customers to food contamination and risking potential law suits.
Golden Tandoors are ETL Certified. This assures you of a safer kitchen with respect to Gas Safety norms. Back gas connection, back stoppers with hose restraining device ensures a cleaner kitchen.
The competition uses very high pressure burners which cannot run on the legally specified gas types and pressures. Loose hanging gas connections further cause danger to the working environment.
Each and every Golden Tandoor is tested and certified for the gas output desired by the customer by undergoing a certification process prescribed by law. Emission and Combustion levels too are checked before dispatch. Each unit is marked with a control number and a serial number. All this is done in a state of the art gas test lab duly accredited by competent authorities.
Since their products are not manufactured, tested or certified as per statutory norms, the chances of poisonous and potentially explosive unburned gases in the kitchen atmosphere increases drastically. Using Non Certified products phenomenally increases the risk of grievous accidents endangering life and property.
We use High BTU cast iron very heavy duty gas burners with ignition mechanism with safety device and an easy to clean panel. Flame Failure Safety Device ensures safety and single knob control with pilot provides Gas Saving with Gas Flame Control.
Ill designed burners that cannot be used with the specified gases are just put with loosely hanging pipes posting fatal risk. The heat output is so low that you would end up wasting precious time. Since no safety devices are put in the regulation of the flame is never precise and when accidently extinguished the gas will leak in the product posing a larger threat.
Double Body Double Insulation – A double body design with Ceramic Sandwich insulation ensures longer life with heat retention resulting in Better Cooked food and fuel saving.
Single body single insulation thus resulting in a lot of heat coming out ultimately using a lot of fuel with less heat to cook food in the right manner.
Very Heavy Stainless steel body with the best quality mirror finish stainless steel for easy cleaning.
Locally made 202 grade hairline finish stainless steel or mild steel painted which poses a sanitation threat in the kitchen along with the life of the oven being reduced.
The product is packed in treated wood individually selected for destination country as per the local quarantine norms. Each wooden packing is designed to withstand the weight of the tandoor and also ensure that no moisture goes in the product. The packing design is water hose tested with a load capability of 3 high stacking. Each wooden box/crate is palletized to ensure easy handing and movement at the receiving end.
No clue on ISPM requirement of the said country and the norms, unaware on the type of wood required for each country. The trouble is thus borne by the buyer and not the seller.

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